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DOGma Lesson: "Loving Your Reflection"

When I look in the mirror there are days I say, "hmmm not so bad." Then there are other days when all I see are the wrinkles, the tired eyes, or the too tight jeans. I know I am not alone, I know that many of us have this response. Too often we become our own worst critics. The things we say to our reflections we would never say to a friend we care about. Can you imagine meeting a friend for coffee, looking at her and saying..."wow you gained weight".....or "you look awful today"....or how about..."wow, those wrinkle make you look old"! Yet, we don't think twice about being so harsh to our own reflections.

The first time my pup Luna saw her reflection, she wanted to make friends with the "mirror puppy." It was quite adorable, watching her paw the mirror and try to lick and kiss it. She was all about accepting this new puppy with no reserve. Luna is now 1 1/2yrs old, and when she sees her reflection she knows it is her. But she still loves to look at herself, she does a dance and checks herself out happily. Dogs do not dish out harsh words or judgment at their reflection, they just see the reflection for what it is and not their arch enemy to criticize.

So Luna has made me attempt to be more like her. I try to be loving and accepting of my own reflection, with no harsh judgments. Her actions have inspired me to stop treating what I see in the mirror as my arch enemy, and instead attempt a loving friendship with my own reflection!

Trish Matthies-Vega"

Wag more, bark less."

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