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Reiki and  Healing Sessions

Whether exploring different ways to heal or seeking more balance in your life, we offer a variety of healings to help you nurture and nourish your mind, body and spirit. Sessions are personalized for your needs and promote relaxation and wellness in your daily life. At the beginning of your session, your practitioner will spend time consulting with you to understand your focus and intention for your healing. 

If you wish to schedule an appointment or have any questions contact

Trish via Text/Call 781-929-7514 

Our fees have not changed in over 4yrs, however as of June 1st they will be adjusted to the below.

We are grateful for the honor to continue working with you on your spiritual and healing path.


Trish & Bobbie

Please Add an Additional $20 to any Healing Fee Below for your First Time Session

Our most popular session!
reiki room studio hands reiki - Copy.jpg

Reiki Healing In Person

Reiki (ray - key), which means “Universal Energy”, is an ancient Japanese healing art of laying-on-of-hands. Reiki sessions are gentle and relaxing, however the effects can be powerful. This modality helps to release feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, while creating feelings of peace, nurturing, spiritual connection, and calm. During your session, you remain fully clothed and lay on a comfortable treatment table while listening to soothing music and sounds. Your practitioner will place her hands gently on your body in a series of positions from the crown of your head to your feet, specifically focusing on your chakras. You will receive Reiki energy through light touch, rather than pressure or massage applied to the body. While receiving Reiki energy, you may feel warmth, pulsing, or tingling. You may also visualize colors, experience a sensation of floating, or feel a deepened relaxation.

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $145

*Add $20 for your Initial Appointment

reiki distant 4.jpg

Remote Distant Reiki Healings

Reiki has the amazing ability to move through space and time to someone by the use of energy flow and intention of direction of the receiver. This allows clients to receive healing from the safety of their and comfort of their own home. These sessions are set up just like regular appointments. We suggest you lay in a quiet comfortable space. The Reiki practitioner will call you at your appointment time. We will consult with you before the session about what has been happening with you and any concerns or imbalances you are experiencing. We will then check your chakras remotely with a pendulum. Then some practitioners can help you with some gently breathing if you prefer. Then the zoom or phone call is disconnected so the healing can begin. You may experience warm or coolness, tingles, pulsing, twitching, deep relaxation or even a calm trance state. After the healing your practitioner will connect back with you to discuss anything they experienced during your session and to get any feedback from you. 

90 minutes $100

*Add $20 for your Initial Appointment

Another popular offerings!
chakra bowls session tracy 3.jpg

Chakra Sound Healing - with Reiki, Tibetan Bowls and Crystal Grid

This session includes mixed healing modalities utilizing Tibetan Bowl Tones, Reiki, Crystal Grid Healing, and Aura Sprays Clearing all to create a harmonious flow of energy throughout your chakra system and whole being. The Tibetan Bowls are placed directly on and around your body allowing the sounds and vibrations to clear and balance the chakras permitting the Reiki to flow more easily and effectively. This session helps to release blocked energy, anxiety, sadness, stress and/or trauma, helping to propel you forward in your healing process. Receive guidance on which chakras are imbalanced and need your attention and how to work on keeping them balanced after your session.


The seven Major Chakras are energy centers located along the spine, starting at the base and ending at the crown. Chakras correspond to us emotionally, mentally, physically, psychically and spiritually. When your chakras are imbalanced (too active or too underactive) you may feel tired, depleted, anxious, over emotional, moody, disconnected to spirit, depressed, or ill. These energy centers can become out of balance due to our everyday stress, environments, relationships, personal history, and life style. When chakras are recharged and balanced you may experience a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness, mental calm, increased vitality and inner peace. This session is customized for each individual and their needs. 

60 minutes $140

90 minutes $180 

*Add $20 for your Initial Appointment

reiki room studio grid - Copy.jpg

Crystal Grid Healing with Reiki

A Crystal Grid Healing is when a specifically chosen set of crystals are used together to create a desired energy shift or healing. After a client consultation about their healing intention, the crystals are carefully selected and placed around and on the body. The Grid is then charged with Reiki energy and set with the desired intention. Clients then lay comfortably in their Grid while receiving hands on Reiki healing allowing Reiki and the Crystal Healing to offer them the energy they need. Crystal Grids can be used to help release stress, energy blocks, anxiety, bad habits,  physical pain, as well as balance chakras, cleanse the aura.  They can also help to bring in energy of replenishment, chakra balancing, physical healing, love, new beginnings, abundance,  spiritual connections, angelic energy and so much more. Clients often experience sensations of warmth or cold, tingling, pulsing, deep relaxation, floating out of body, see colors or images. Crystal Grid Healings can also be done with just the grids and without receiving reiki. 

60 minutes $120 with Reiki

90 minutes $165  with Reiki 

*Add $20 for your Initial Appointment

woman meditating distant reiki.jfif

Mind, Body and Soul Healing

Our Mind, Body and Soul are all connected. In order to be whole we must have Mind, Body and Soul balance. It’s not enough to just address one part of you. We want you to have it all. During this energy healing session we will incorporate Reiki Healing, Guided Meditation/visualization, Angels and spirit guidance, Crystal Grid Healing, Chakra and Aura Clearing. It’s a custom healing for each individual and their needs. 

60 minutes $130

90 minutes $175

*Add $20 for your Initial Appointment

man getting reiki.jpg

Reiki Channeled Healing and Spirit Messages


At the beginning of your session you and Trish will discuss any concerns or imbalances you are experiencing and your intention for your healing. She will then check your chakras for imbalances. The practitioner channels spirit for a current of healing energy and to receive automatic writing messages. The practitioner allows spirit to work with her to merge their energy to receive channeled automatic writing messages and then hands on healing from an ascended master or higher healer.  At the end of the session you are read your channeled message and notes with details of what is seen, felt and experienced during your healing session. Have paper and pen  ready to take notes. (Some guides include: Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Triple Moon Goddess, Gaia, Mary Magdalene, Little Buffalo- Big Buffalo, The Monk and Namaka)

You may experience warmth, chills, tingles, pulsing, twitching, deep relaxation or even a calm sleep like trance to allow spirit's energy to flow directly to you.

90 minutes $175 

2 Hours      $220

Remote: 90 minutes $130 

*Add $20 for your Initial Appointment

Hypnotherapy with Reiki

The blend of Hypnotherapy and Reiki create a wonderful and intense healing method allowing you to reach a deeper state of relaxation and a greater acceptance of the hypnosis process. During a Hypno-Reiki session you and the therapist work as a team and discuss what positive changes or releases you wish to achieve through the use of hypnosis. Once the goal is determined, you are led into a heightened state of relaxation with the use of Reiki, deep breathing, and guided imagery. The therapist will then give a hypnotic suggestion concerning the desired goal which can be self-administer whenever the it is needed to reinforce the positive change. Hypnotherapy can assist with anxiety, phobias, health changes, hypnobirthing and more.

90 minutes  $160

*Add $20 for your Initial Appointment

gift cert purple.jpg

Gift Certificates Available for any of our healing modalities!

Give someone you love the gift of nurturing and healing.

Contact Trish via text to arrange purchasing your certificates: Text: 781-929-7514

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