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Valentine's Day Heart Box of  Crystals Custom Filled

Give yourself or a loved on this Special Box of Crystals for Valentine's Day! $30. Includes 8 Crystals you chose from a list. Plus the option to add on with additional fees other crystal treats such as a bracelet, pendulum, pendant, rose quartz angel, heart stone and heart pendant. Contact us for more detailed information and order for. Limited supplies available.  Order Form

Text Trish 781-929-7514 a photo of your form.

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Heart Healing Crystal Grid Added to Any Reiki Session 

Add a Crystal Grid Healing to any Reiki Session for only $10. ( 50% Off Reg Price of $20.)  This can be added to your 60 or 90 minute Reiki Session. Grid can assist with releasing traumas, hurt, grief and old relationships, or building self worth, self love, gratitude, joy or opening to romance and your soul mate.

Text Trish 781-929-7514

Valid thru February 29th 2024

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15% Discount Off Your First Chakra Whole Soul Healing

(with Reiki, Tibetan Bowls Sound Bath

and Crystal Grid)

This "Chakra Whole Soul Healing" includes mixed healing modalities utilizing Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath, Reiki Healing, Crystal Grid Healing, Aura and Chakra Clearing; all to create a harmonious flow of energy throughout your chakra system. The Tibetan Bowls are placed directly on and around your body allowing the sounds and vibrations to clear and balance the chakras permitting the Reiki to flow more easily and effectively. This session helps to release blocked energy, stress and/or trauma, helping to propel you forward in your healing process. (Details on our Reiki/Healings page)

Text Trish 781-929-7514

Valid thru February 29th 2024

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