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DOGma Lesson: "Just Sit"

Goliath and me

Like many of us in today's world, I am someone that is always on the go. I run my own reiki practice, manage my wellness center, tend to family matters...the house, shopping, cleaning, and occasionally cooking (ok "rarely" cooking is more accurate). There is always something on my To Do list. I do one task while I'm already planning how I would accomplish the next one. Although this

might be a great way to multi-task, it is not such a great way to live a peaceful and balanced life.

Many years ago I was out walking Goliath (my beautiful Landseer Newfoundland) and I was thinking "as soon as this walk is over I will have to go do computer work, then run those errands " usual self-banter. It was going to be a quick walk to the field, then back home. We were walking along at a good clip, when suddenly Goliath just SAT! No warning...while in mid stride...he just sat himself down. He was positioned on the hill that looked down over the field. I gave him a little encouragement, "let's go",...nothing, he just sat and stared out over the view. So then I gave his leash a little tug ...still nothing, he was holding his own sit down protest...not a budge. If a 140 pound Newf doesn't want to move, you can't move him, not easily anyway. Quickly realizing I was losing this battle (ok it was clearly already lost!) I was just about to get frustrated when I decided to take a deep breath. Suddenly I realized WOW, it was a beautiful spring day, one of the first warm days of the season. I was too busy to be aware of my surroundings, too busy to enjoy the simple pleasures of life...breathing in a spring day. So I decided to take Goliath's lead for a change, and to join him. The two of us sat there for a while, together. Feeling the warm sun, breathing in the fresh air of the season, listening to the songs of birds...just being still....just sitting.

So now when I start to run crazy in multiple directions with too much on my to do list, I remember to take Goliath's lead and be still ...and just sit. Life will happen whether we are moving at super speed or just sitting for a moment of stillness, but at least then we can enjoy the view.

Trish Matthies-Vega

"Wag more, bark less."

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