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DOGma Lesson: "Patience"

I am a woman of little patience, I take after my father. I am not sure if it comes from always having someone to meet or someplace to go and too much to do. I would rather drive 15 minutes to another restaurant than to wait anything longer than 10 minutes. I know this makes no sense, but I do it. And waiting in lines, forget it. I can't tell you how many great pairs of shoes I have left behind due to the line in a department store.

When we leave our dogs in the morning to go to work, they understand that we are gone for sometimes hours if not the whole day. And in that long time span they wait patiently for our return. My 5yr old Goldendoodle Loki has been conditioned to sit politely to be petted when I come in and to remain calm under all circumstances. Luna, my 1 1/2 year old, not so much. She is a ball of energy and insists on showing you all her love in those first 2 minutes upon returning home. But when I watch my dogs I notice they wait sometimes with grace (like Loki), sometimes with excitement (like Luna) ...but always with patience. I find this amazing for such supposedly simple animals.

So now when I am stuck in the action of waiting like a long line at the mall, or the waiting for a late friend for coffee... I use that time to breathe, relax, and practice the art of doggie patience....sometimes with grace, and sometimes with excitement.

Trish Matthies-Vega

"Wag more, bark less."

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