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We are now located in the Foxboro home studio of owner Trish Matthies. We are available by appointment. We are conducting in-person and distant healings, readings and classes.

About Us...


The Healing Moon Wellness Center welcomes you to our sanctuary from the stress of daily life. Our healing studio is available to those who wish to replenish their energy, lift their spirit and restore balance to their lives.  


Trish Matthies is the owner and founder of THM, and shares her healing mission along with her sister Bobbie Jenkins. For over 21 years they have been dedicated to their healing practice and their clients, assisting them towards empowerment, healing and transformation. Their services include Reiki, Crystal Healings, Spiritual mentorship, Channeled Healings, Chakra Balancing, Tibetan Bowl Healings, Guided Meditation and more.  The sisters also invite other guest practitioners at the studio to offer their unique gifts offering Angel Readings, Tarot Readings, Mediumship Readings and more.

THM originally started out of Trish's then Norwood home in 1999, now after 2 decades, the healing sisters are excited for the shift back to a home studio setting! It seemed appropriate during these past couple years of turmoil to return to the safety and comfort of a smaller environment verse their larger wellness center and office building. Therefore, they have created a safe, peaceful and calming sanctuary in the inviting professional studio attached to Trish's Foxboro home. The THM clients love the new space and feel right at home!


Also, to help you in staying balanced between sessions, THM is continuing to offer our clients products such as a variety of crystals, flower essence formulas, reiki energy candles, chakra jewelry and more. You can shop when you are here for you session or schedule an appointment to come in to shop! Trish and Bobbie also host in person Crystal PopUp Events and now Online Crystal Popup Sales on Facebook. 


All of the gifted practitioners who work out of THM are licensed and/or masters in their chosen modality, ensuring your session is with an experienced professional. If you are ready to make a positive change and bring balance back into to your life, please contact us for a consultation, or to schedule an appointment. The center is open by appointment only.


About Trisha's Personal Mission...

Trisha Matthies is the founder and owner of The Healing Moon Wellness Center, LLC originally from Norwood, now located in Foxboro. Trisha is a Crystal Healer and Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher in both the Usui and Karuna Systems. As a child Trisha recognized her ability to “feel” the emotions and energies of those around her. As a young adult she lost a close friend tragically to suicide. This experience was the catalyst for her to embraced her intuitive gifts and to follow her spiritual calling as an empath, medium, and energy healer. Because of her own struggles with depression and anxiety as a child and young adult as an empath and sensitive, she specializes in assisting children and adults who experience depression or anxiety as well as empaths, many whom are not aware. She understands the difficulties that come along with these issues and works with her clients to clear their energy, as well as educate them about their gifts and how to protect and shield their energy.  Trisha also specializes with abuse victims. She believes her own personal experiences with trauma  allows her to connect on a deep level of compassion and understanding with her clients who are in need of healing on an energetic level from past abuse


For over twenty-five years, she has studied various healing techniques allowing her to practice a gentle blend of healing methods utilizing Reiki, Shamanism, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Guided Meditation, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Hypnotherapy and Color Therapy. Trisha may receives spiritual messages for her clients during reiki sessions from guides and angels. She has also works with Channeling the healing energies of the ascended masters and higher healers such as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Saint Bridget, The Triple Goddess, Saint Francis, Nāmaka, Big Buffalo-Little Buffalo, and Archangels Michael and Rafael. Trisha has reached out to the community with her volunteer association to Caritas Hospital and and New Hope Organization as well as by her teachings with the Adult Education Program at Norwood High School. She is also the organizer of "Soul Sister Support", a group that aids those in need of financial help for holistic healing.


Trisha believes, "We all have a light within us, for some of us it has been diminished by trauma, illness, our environment, our childhood, or even every day stress. Sometimes we just need a little help to allow us to feel peaceful, more balanced, until we can shine our light again."

Trisha is grounded and replenished by her golden doodle Luna, who also works with her during Reiki sessions with those who want her loving!  If you are a dog lover, you may enjoy her blog entitled "Doggie DOGma: The Spiritual Lesson I Learn From My Dogs".             


Shine on,

Trish Matthies

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