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We are located in the Foxboro home studio of owner Trish Matthies. We are available by appointment only. We are conducting in-person and distant healings.
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About Us...

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Trish & Bobbie

Trish Matthies and Bobbie Jenkins welcome you to their sanctuary from the stress of daily life. For over 23 years they have been dedicated to their holistic healing center and their  Reiki clients, assisting them towards empowerment, healing and transformation. Be sure to check out their Reiki/Healings Page.

THM began in 1999 in Norwood and transitioned into larger wellness centers over the years. During the pandemic it seemed appropriate to return to the comfort of a smaller environment, therefore, these healing sisters were excited to shift back to a home studio in Foxboro. Their clients love the peaceful reiki studio and feel right at home!

To help you stay balanced between sessions, THM offers our clients products such as a crystals, flower essence formulas, pendulums, oracle decks, chakra jewelry and more. You can browse when you are here for your session or schedule an appointment to come shop! 


If you are ready to make a positive change, replenish your energy,  open spiritually and bring balance back into your life contact us to schedule an appointment. The center is open by appointment only.

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Trish Matthies

Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer, Meditation Instructor, Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath Healer, Hypnotherapist

 (over 25 years as a Healer)

Trisha Matthies is the owner of The Healing Moon Wellness Center, LLC.  As a child she recognized her ability to “feel” the emotions and energies of those around her. As a young adult Trish experienced traumas which became the catalysts for her embracing her intuitive gifts and following her spiritual calling as an empath, medium and healer. Because of her own personal experiences with depression and anxiety as an empathic/sensitive child and young adult Trish specializes in assisting others with these similarities. She understands the difficulties that come along with these issues and works with her clients to clear their energy and educate them about shifting and balancing.  She believes her own personal experiences with trauma allows her to connect with her clients on a deep level of compassion and understanding. For over twenty-five years, she has studied various healing techniques allowing her to practice a gentle blend of healing methods. 


Trisha finds grounding and nurturing of her own from her husband Keith with being in nature, walks under the trees, meditating with crystals, trips to the cape and hanging with their Goldendoodle Luna.  Luna also works with her during Reiki sessions with clients who want some puppy lovin'!    

"We all have a light within us, but sometimes it is diminishes by trauma or even every day stress and we just need to borrow some light, until we can shine our own light again." Trish


Trish works with clients: Mondays through Thursday morning/daytime and Tuesdays and Thursdays late-day

(Currently not taking new clients for Saturday appointments)

Text: 781-929-7514

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Bobbie Jenkins

Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Color Healer, Meditation Instructor

(over 20 years as a Healer)


Bobbie Jenkins is a Reiki Master and an intuitive healer that assists men and women in creating relaxation and inner balance. In her healing practice, she offers an effective combination of aromatherapy, crystals, and Reiki energy. Bobbie has over 20 years experience in the health care profession, and as a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. Therefore, as a result of her experiences she specializes in working with clients with physical conditions, stress and anxiety. Bobbie is also highly intuitive and employs her gifts connecting to spirit to recognize blocks and imbalances in the energy levels connected to the physical body, which can create fatigue, discomfort or anxiety. With the movement of energy, clients commonly feel an emotional release creating more physical comfort, vitality, and mental peace.


Bobbie is also an accomplished gardener who finds serenity surrounded by her beautiful gardens with her hands in the earth. She connects with nature and shares this calming grounding energy with her clients through her touch and meditations. 

Bobbie loves to spend time relaxing in her garden, walking, at the beach, and with her family.. She also lives right next door to her sister Trish and The Healing Moon, making her commute for Reiki clients nice and easy!

Bobbie works with clients Monday and Wednesday evenings

Text: 508-207-6927

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