We are grateful and blessed for the opportunity to work with so many amazing and wonderful people in our THM community. Thank you for being a part of it! 

What THM Clients and Students have to say....

I have been a big Reiki fan for many years. The Healing Moon is by far the best Reiki experience I have ever had! Trish and Bobbie are warm, compassionate and loving. They truly care about each and every client. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed! Tracy Y

"I took my 5 year old daughter to Trish for reiki. The results were remarkable.  My daughter just seems more content with things, doesn't get too upset with the little bumps in life and actually "goes with the flow" and let's things roll off her back.  She never did this before.  I can remember saying over and over and over to her to "go with the flow" and not get so upset when things didn't go as she wanted.  Before she would get angry, upset, throw a fit, but now she adjusts like you'd expect someone to.  She uses her words to express her feelings and it's all positive." Janice H.


"Jill Hillery is an amazing reader, who can give great details, times, dates, specifics as well. It is very hard to find a reader with this type of ability...Jill has that ability in a big way!!" Diane Duffy

“I was very impressed! The center is so peaceful and relaxing and Claire Alexander was very welcoming. Her reading was very thorough and professional... on scale of 1 to 10 whole experience and environment was a 15 plus! I will definitely be back for more services. Thank you.” Patricia D.

"I have been to a few other reiki practitioners in the past and I enjoyed the experiences as nice, soothing ways to spend an hour. But, I had no idea what I was missing until I came to Trish. In each reiki session with her, I go into a deep, meditative state -- something that has never happened before in my life -- and come away deeply affected and transformed. She takes the time to get to know her clients and applies the information to help in the healing process. During our sessions, I can feel that she is caring for me, and wants the best for me. She provides the most wondrous experience: with her magical office space, gorgeous music, and guided meditations." Abigail

"An excellent center. This is a place where people can truly feel supported and helped." Dr. Nadja Reilly


“I had a angel card reading and psychic reading from Jill Hillery. She was wonderful. Best reading I ever had. Spot on. I felt relieved and lighter when I left and thought about many things. I have referred her out to my friends and one has already booked an appointment. Thank you and God bless.” Cindy Pritoni

“I have been going to see Trish Matthies since she was working out of her home in Norwood.  She had a lovely center in Norwood and now in Foxboro and I would follow her to the ends of the earth.  She surrounds herself with talented, gifted professionals who work together to make the center a great place to go and be a part of.  And Bobbie Jenkins is another gifted Reiki and Crystal Healer at THM,  you will not be disappointed!” Joanne Regan

"I have attended a few classes at THM as well as a reiki session and few of the healing meditations. Trish Matthies and Bobbi Jenkins are both such amazing women, I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to work with them and learn from them both." Deborah Hurley 

"Yoga with Dawn Florio has brought a peace to my hectic life.  As a person who never tried yoga, Dawn was my first instructor.  She instructs in a way that is not tedious, but really beneficial to making you aware of how your body feeling and exactly where you should be.  Her knowledge of the physical practice does not trump her spiritual impact.  She helps you let go of emotions that hold you back with techniques such as breathing and meditation. Dawn leaves you feeling physically and mentally strong." Amy Riordan


"An amazing place to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Through reiki and meditation, I have learned so much about myself and how to handle stressful situations." Liz Philips

"I am a daughter, wife, mother, and  nurse. I find the relaxing treatments and informative classes available at The Healing Moon help me to restore and maintain balance in my life. Care for a caregiver is essential. I have sent my children to Trish for reiki since they were very young. They have experienced stress relief, better focus/self control, and strengthened confidence in themselves after treatments. We have all enjoyed meditation group as well. Most recently, my 84 year old father has been enjoying his reiki treatments with Bobbie. I recommend a visit to explore this peaceful oasis and all that it has to offer you. Just seeing the date on my calendar for my next appointment makes me smile!" Jen S.


"I fell in love with THM! I had stress and depression issues due to a few tragic incidents in my life and Reiki totally helped me release stress and anger. I now go once every 3 or 4 weeks. I have worked on meditation, self esteem, migraine pain, anxiety etc...  The whole staff is sweet and helpful. I am so much happier and healthier now. I highly recommend THM!" Sandy P.

"I had an amazingly touching Reiki healing from Trish Matthies. During our session I was spontaneously taken to past lives, which she could also see, and all the tension left my body. The warmth and love was tremendous and I cannot thank her enough. Rev. Rita S. Berkowitz www.TheSpiritArtist.com

“What a great place to go for balancing your energy ..Crystal Grid with Bobbie Jenkins was amazing and reflexology with Christine Alexander awesome .. great staff , lovely environment not to mention wonderful drumming circle with Donna, classes and healing.” Tina Sinioris

“Over the past 5 years I have been training in reiki, meditation and mediumship. I have work with several different teachers. It has been over a year, that I have been with Jill Hillery. She is the real deal. She is, knowledgeable, caring, loving and sincere. If you are interested in a reading, a class, or training, Jill is the person you need to connect with. Her compassion is infectious. I would recommend Jill in a heartbeat.” Theresa A.


“I recently attended had an amazing crystal grid session with Bobbi. I can't say enough about how it helped me. It was physical, spiritually and emotionally cleansing. I can't wait to do it again. I HIGHLY recommend trying it and I highly recommend The Healing Moon.”  Laura Canfield

"Had reiki with both Trish Matthies and Bobbie Jenkins and highly recommend! Great for stress and anxiety, I felt centered and calm and relaxed after. I also liked how beautiful and clean the space was, felt like a spa. I'm checking out all of their classes, they look amazing! Can't wait to go back." Mary B


“I have had several Angel card readings by Jill Hillery and she has been simply amazing!  She validated so many aspects of my life during the reading and confirmed many issues that I needed clarity with!  I have always felt much calmer after her readings.  I am truly grateful for Jill's readings! I have attended a few circles with Jill as well, to increase my intuition.  She was wonderful with these sessions as well!” Susan B

“The class was so much more than I expected. Marsha Johnson did a fantastic job. We learned about wax drawings. (I don't remember what it was called) after melting crayons and smudging different colors on paper I was not too impressed with my lack of artists ability. Then - I sat with it and let it resonates with me - and suddenly I saw faces and hearts and Angels and fish and journeys and it all started making sense to me! Now I am home and I can't stop looking at what a beautifully spiritual drawing I made. I can't wait to attend another class at The Moon! True professionalism!”  Dawn S. 


"Jill Hillery was amazing with my angel card reading. Caring honest compassionate & gifted! Worth every penny!" Kathy Rogers

“Very welcoming, encouraging, and healing. Looking forward to going back to help flourish my life's higher purpose.” Donna Cenedella

"Trisha has truly been one of the great blessings of my life. She has taught me so much about life and spirituality. I now feel more open to the wonderful things the world has to offer. She has also done wonders for my 13 year old daughter who has experienced family difficulties. Receiving healing sessions have shown her that Trisha is a safe person who cares about her, helps her to feel better and gives her unconditional love through Reiki. Since she began Reiki treatments with Trisha, her grades and her attitude have improved. Trisha has helped us through broken hearts, I don't know where either of us would be without her. " Denice S.


“THM provides an atmosphere of growth, healing and personal discovery of one's potential. With the guidance and educational opportunities provided here, everyone is able to develop their gifts and talents for the highest and best. Knowledge, insight and positive reinforcement give individuals the abilities to manifest what they seek, how they heal and where they go from here. The journey is endless, powerful and satisfying.” Tina O

"I started going to Trish for Reiki at THM when I was 3 weeks into my chemo treatment. From the first treatment I felt a sense of peace and at the same time a new energy. It helped me with the nausea that comes with chemo and it helped me to cope with everything I was going through. The calming feeling I got when I walked into the Healing Moon, I still get to this day, four years after my treatment is over. Everyone is so helpful, caring and accommodating. Thank you, Diane I.

“The Healing Moon is a heavenly respite from the hectic world. One step in the door and I am transported to a place of peace, tranquility and renewal. Thank you to all of the gifted healers, massage therapists and delightful yoga instructors who have helped me maintain my personal balance.” Rosemary Porto

"The Healing Moon is a warm, welcoming environment in which you can relax, rejuvenate and refresh, I started taking Yoga classes there, when it was located in Norwood, and it felt so peaceful that soon I was attending Meditation classes, scheduling reiki treatments, shopping at their fantastic gift shop and much more. No matter what I go for, I always leave feeling nourished in mind, soul and body. The staff is friendly, fantastic and compassionate. Highly recommend."

“I have attended classes and workshops facilitated by Jill Hillery for the last three years. I have so enjoyed  the Spirit Circle meetup groups as well as the psychic workshops and classes. Jill has a very calming demeanor and gentle voice that makes me feel safe and open to meditating and practicing mediumship . Most recently, Jill facilitated a past life regression session that was amazing ! Her insight into the soul’s purpose and journey makes all of her workshops and classes exciting, fun and interesting. Jill truly has an amazing ability and gift of connecting with spirit!  During mediumship reading, Jill was able to describe both my father and mother with detail and accuracy. She even knew that I had collected seashells for them! She is also able to connect with my energy, giving me helpful insights to present, past and future events.  Jill always speaks about positive outcomes, choices and gives me hope and confidence after a session. I would highly recommend any and all of her services!” Karen K

"The tarot readings I've had throughout the year have been absolutely outstanding! The Tarot readings I've had here have been by far the best I've ever experienced in my long life,"85" years old! Thank you to ALL in this beautiful establishment!" Maki Don Rios

"Trish Matthies is amazing! She has been an inspiration to me through my spiritual journey. I continue to learn more about myself with each class and reiki session. Thanks for being part of my journey." Christine DaLomba

“I had a reiki cleanse here and it was amazing!!!! Trish Matthies was awesome and made me feel so calm and comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone that is thinking about a reiki cleanse.” Leasha Lynn

"I have only been seeing Trisha for a few months now, but after each Reiki session I feel calm and less stressed in general. The more sessions I attend the more I become familiar and at ease with the rituals involved in the healing process through Reiki. I hope that with time I will be able to relax myself into the peaceful state that I experience at every session with Trisha. Somehow different aspects of my life have suddenly fallen into place and I think the key is acknowledging that I can't control everything, but that I CAN control what to let go of; and Reiki helps me to do this. Trish is a wonderful person, friend, and healer; and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help." Denise Q

"Claire Alexander was wonderful. I didn’t go to have my cards read but the universe had a different idea! Her reading was dead on. She told me things about my life she couldn’t have known- she gave me hope about my future endeavors that I was on the fence about.  I would definitely go back for another reading and will!" Mary S.

"I carried much pain with due to a loved one's death. After the first session with Trish, I felt that reiki was my answer. I have never felt more relaxed and energized. I actually had a bright outlook for my future. Trish helped me to release all those feelings that I had bottled up so deeply inside of me. The energy that Trish brought me through our sessions healed me more than three years of therapy. I feel extremely blessed that Trish entered my life. Her kindness, understanding, compassion and love of life have been an inspiration to me! To think that if I was not introduced to Trish I would still be carrying all that pain. Trish has brought "love and light" into my life, which I truly believed I would never feel or see again before I met her!" LorI D.